The mission of the Youth Earth Summit is to inspire activism rooted in environmental ethics, promote collaboration between youth of different ages and backgrounds, and create templates and strategies for authentic community action. Our goal is to “change the story” about humans and the planet, shifting our relationship of dominance to one characterized by family and interconnectedness. This is our home and it’s our responsibility to care for it. Our generation is dedicated to navigating the future with sustainability and conservation as our compass. Let's make the map!

About Wild Kids

The Youth Earth Summit is coordinated by Wild Kids, an organization developed and run by a collaborative team of adults and youth. We hope to impart a lifelong conservation ethic and a profound appreciation for the preservation of wilderness areas on this planet because open space, dark nights, and quiet moments are necessary to our survival as human beings. At Wild Kids, we truly believe "it takes a village," but we worry that there aren't many villages left.
So, we have set out to build a village of individuals bound in our commitment to caring for one another and for the planet. Our motto is Henry David Thoreau's assertion that "All good things are wild and free."

Find more information about Wild Kids at  www.wherethewildkidsare.org